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United States
***y'all are welcome for all the watches and faves***
Hiya! I'm a Brazillian-American nerd who is currently a multi-fandom mess

⬇⬇Crap about me⬇⬇
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Pixel Oregano
So apparently I never posted this, hrm..
Did this quite a while back Pearl Emote 31 
Finally, school's over! Now I have more time to doodle Sweating a little... 
Added stuff and quickly inked this during school:
Ran out of space and didn't draw in like, 8 heroes whoops
The Heroine
Nyo!Merica for all your 'Merica needs
All done with a mechanical pencil and some ink pen I forgot the name of whoops 
Also BehindNewEyes your hetalian friend is here heyoo707 ICON
Sugar, spice, and all things nice
It's Aster mah boiii
He's a good soul, that one
Cotton candy lambs are a closed species that belong to MothrNaturesMistakes/RazTheSphinx ^^
Hey look some Meis and Lucios!
wanna fill up this page with heroes so leave some down in the comments ^^
Them stars falling, don't chase 'em
Haven't posted anything in a loooong while whoops
But Gorillaz debuted their new album, Humanz, today and it's just so g o o d (gorillaz) Murdoc So I made a little Noodle cat design (took references from her most 2 recent phases)
Made traditionally with a few digital touch-ups ^^
Heyoooo! I've been gone quite a while without art that aren't just wip's... whoops
That's really about it uhm I went on vacation for a week the end 
Soldier 76 WIP
Sorry for inactivity! Jeez this week has been quite a busy one haha
My younger brother's birthday was Wednesday and I decided to draw good ol' soldier because that's his main ^^
Then I got lazy the past few days and didn't work on it, whoops    
Pokefusion between Jolteon and Nidorina ^^ Also the first drawing done in Firealpaca^^ 
It's going swimmingly
Weekly Bill ^^ I've been experimenting with just black and white for a bit, good practice 


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xXGreenShadowXx Featured By Owner Edited May 15, 2017  Student General Artist
Thank you for the +fav  on two of my photos!! Your artwork is adorable!
KaidokJ Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2017   Digital Artist

Thanks for the fav on 120 - Now with 20% more feigned innocence...


But also with 13% more otherworldly cynicism. Which is perfectly reasonable, when you think about it. Who is isn’t cynical about other worlds? I know I certainly am. Just the other day, a cosmically enhanced aardvark from Zyntal 3 was involved in an altercation with a parking meter over the matter of 25 cents, and this is just the tip of the orbiting super dense methane iceberg. Intergalactic crime is up almost 0.31 percent from last epoch, which, if this current crime wave continues, could spell d-i-s-a-s-t-e-r for our way of life in approximately 7,242,213,752 years. At this rate, the only thing that might save us is our sun dying, but waiting for that to happen seems like a defeatist approach to crime management. Now I know some people are going to call me an unhinged alarmist for making such a big deal about this, but once you’ve seen a parking meter put the beat down on an alien aardvark, you really start to question where we are going as a society.

- GalaxyWatchVolunteer  

KaidokJ Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2017   Digital Artist

Thanks for the fav on 119 - Pictorial Evolution


I know evolution is a bit of controversial issue these days. Many people believe it, some people don’t. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. As for me, I believe, but looking around I can see why some people have doubts. For example, just the other day I was walking down the street and I came across a display of such reckless disregard for living that I had to wonder why, after millions of years of evolutionary rejects and genetic dead ends, that this specimen happened to be the culmination of his respective ancestry. Let me paint you a picture. 
Standing in a wading pool filled with eclectic eels (they taste funny), situated on a craned in platform dangling 10 feet above a gridlocked freeway, was an inappropriately cheerful fellow sporting a wet-suit and a tutu and who was juggling 5 half empty paint cans and highland mountain goat, while precariously balancing 7 unlit cigarettes on his left eyebrow. Joining him on the platform were three short-sighted economists on miniature mopeds, with flaming chainsaws strapped to their foreheads who appeared to be engaged in a senselessly violent game of sudden death bingo. 
Never have a seen such a flagrant lack of survival instincts. Thousands of people die from cigarettes every day. Everyone knows, cigarettes kill people, it’s an indisputable fact. So why would you put yourself at risk. Here is a guy for which evolution has obviously failed and I say it’s time evolution got a helping hand. Who’s with me?     

- EvolutionsLittleHelper

ghostdicc Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Your art style is so cute awh
GalacticBarks Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2017  Student General Artist
Thank you! Love your style too ^^
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